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Focus on extrusion screw manufacturing for 30 years

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel
Parallel Twin Screw Barrel

Product parameters

L/D ratio

Processing Range

Twin screw: base material 38CrMoALA
The surface of the screw flight is made from double alloy, which effectively provides screw service life.
Screw compression ratio is designed according to different products and different formulations.

Barrel: Base material 38CrMoALA
The easy-wear part of the material mouth is made of imported alloy steel, which is specially treated to effectively improve the barrel wear resistance and service life.
Field of Application
Anisotropic twin-screw barrel, suitable for PVC pipe, profile, sheet extrusion processing, PVC pelletizing, etc.
Co-directional twin-screw barrel, suitable for PVC and other materials reshaping pelletizing. 
Product application